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Thrill-O-Matic (Single)

12 years in the making, I co-wrote this song with Andy StochanskyJamie Hartman just after finishing as as semifinalist on The Voice, back in 2011. The demo files were lost but when we found them, Matt Parmenter and I finished it at his Ice Cream Factory studio, had Chris Bell do a Dolby Atmos mix, before sending it across the digital pond where Oli Morgan mastered it at Abbey Road.

The cover art for the Nakia single, "Thrill-O-Matic." The image shows the name Nakia at the top, and title of the song - "Thrill-O-Matic" in the middle of the page in front of a vintage jukebox.

Unstoppable (Single)

Unstoppable began its life at a songwriting workshop created by my friend Andra Liemandt. After the song was finished the pandemic hit and we turned 1 song into 4 new versions: acoustic, stripped, and two remixes by Grammy award winning remix producer, Dave Audé. Listen below and check out the video playlist of all five songs here.

Nakia 'Unstoppable' cover art

It's Never Too Late (Single)

I co-wrote this song with my friend, Charlie Cotton when he was only 8 years old. He's the son of my friend Savannah Welch from the band, The Trishas, and who played Batgirl in DC's Titans on HBOMax . The music video features illustrations created by Ben Wu and animated by yours truly. Go behind the song and learn even more.

Nakia "It's Never Too Late" single cover art

Real.Live.Blues. (Live EP)

The Blues Grifters was the band I originally formed with Mac McNabb on guitar, Chris Johnson on bass, and Kevin Lance on drums. All of which are featured on the album of the same name. This EP was recorded live at Austin's One-2-One venue and features Rene Lopez on drums and Jan Flemming on keys. Songs like "Somebody Loan Me A Dime," and "Rich Woman" have our unique Grifter stamp on them, and our live version of "300 Pounds of Joy" features my infamous "Whataburger Intro." It's a great chronicle of the way this band sounded live.

Nakia 'RealLiveBlues' cover art

Blues Grifter (Album)

I wanted this album to be a homage to the great blues artists who inspired me, but I am also paying tribute to the “grifters” who came before me. Artists who turned me and millions more onto the blues like the Rolling Stones and the Allman Brothers, and Boz Scaggs. We cut these songs at Mac McNabb's studio using old ribbon mics, analog gear and tape machines. Many of the songs recorded live, all in the room together. Real live blues -- the way it was meant to be.

Nakia 'BluesGrifter' cover art

Drown In The Crimson Tide (EP)

This EP features six songs I wrote and recorded out in Los Angeles the year after I was on The Voice. The tracks were each produced by different folks. Barry Goldberg and Johnny Lee Schell helmed "Dream Big," "When I Found You," and "Pieces and Castles," with the other three being produced by Aris Archontis ("Make Up With A Gun"), Brian "Sweetwesty" West ("Walking On A Slant"}, and Chris Seefried ("Tight"). This EP definitely has a lot of soul and flair. "Tight" was featured in the movie "Any Day" with Eva Longoria

Nakia 'Drown In The Crimson Tide' cover art

Wine To Water: The 'Water to Wine' Outtakes (Album)

Mac McNabb and I recorded way more songs for my album 'Water To Wine' than we had room for so I took all the best outtakes from those sessions and assembled them into this album. Many of these were fan favorites that I played live with my band Nakia & His Southern Cousins like "Lincoln Continental," and my cover of "Touch, Feel, and Lose" by Ryan Adams. Even still, not all the outtakes made it on to this album so I have been releasing those exclusively to members of my Patreon - Nakia Klub. Go join today to hear 'em!

Nakia 'Wine To Water' cover art

Water to Wine (Album)

My debut full-length album started to come together shortly about a year or so after I formed my first band, Nakia & His Southern Cousins. By the time the album was released in 2009 the band already had made a name for ourselves as a damn good time with our residencies at Austin venues like Momo's and Ego's Lounge, and we even played Austin City Limits Music Festival. A few of the songs on this album were written by or with Michael Fracasso. It also features a cut by Monte Warden called, "Make Love Mine Tonight." We recorded all of this album at Mac McNabb's studio.

Nakia 'Water To Wine' cover art

Playing The Cards (EP)

The tracking for my first solo release began out at Willie Nelson's saloon at his fabled Luck Ranch under the guidance of Matt Hubbard. I later moved the whole project over to Mac McNabb's Oxford Studio to finish it up. It features a four songs I wrote, one written by Monte Warden, and a cover of the Billy Preston classic, "That's The Way God Planned It," which I added at the request of Austin radio legend, Jody Denberg after he saw me perform it live at Threadgill's one night. Recording this EP was a journey I will never forget and I'm truly grateful to all the folks who played on it and helped bring it to life. 

Nakia 'Playing The Cards' cover art
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