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Who the f*%k is Nakia?

Nakia, is an influential queer artist in the Austin music scene and beyond, has been capturing the hearts with his commanding and soulful voice worldwide for over 20 years. He has shared stages with legendary performers such as Alejandro Escovedo, Sharon Jones, Willie Nelson, B.B.King, and The Muppets


Nakia is deeply respected for his contributions to the local Austin music scene and his community service. When the pandemic hit, Nakia’s commitment to his community shone brightly as he played a pivotal role in creating emergency relief for Austin’s musicians and venues. His tireless advocacy earned him the title of “Local Legend” by Matthew McConaughey.


Recently, Nakia has expanded his creative horizons, venturing into composing for film and

TV, and he wrote and recorded a 15-song musical called, “Dueling Pianos,” with Joshua R. Pangborn. As a three-time Recording Academy Texas Board Governor and former founding President of Austin Texas Musicians, Nakia continues to be a leading queer voice in the industry.


Nakia’s recent musical endeavors showcase his versatility and evolution as an artist. In 2022,

he released an EP with five unique versions of his song “Unstoppable,” including Grammy-

winning Dave Audé remixes, each accompanied by its own music video. 2023 saw the release

of “Thrill-O-Matic,” a genre-blending single co-written with renowned songwriters Andy

Stochansky and Jamie Hartman. The song’s innovative mix of pop, rock, and soul, along with

its high-profile production team, has garnered significant acclaim, becoming the second most

played local song on Austin’s Sun Radio.


Nakia’s upcoming album marks a bold new direction with an 80s synth-rock influence,

showcasing his multifaceted talent as a writer, performer, and producer. The lead single,

“Signal,” is eagerly anticipated in spring 2024. He has already begun performing the songs live

at solo club dates across the country and is now in rehearsals with his new band for a soon-to-

be-announced residency in Austin.


Nakia lives in Austin with his husband of 22 years, Robert and their Bouvier des Flandres,

Baker. He continues to inspire with his musical versatility, community leadership, and relentless


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